Introduction To Smartphone Filmmaking 5-Part Series

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For Life In Our New Digital Age
This program provides new learners with all of the programs that you need to create memorable stories and events using your modern smartphone; Introduction to Film Media Literacy Education, Photography, Camera Shots, Camera Angles, and Moving Cameras.
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Jennifer Saunders
I'm a native of Detroit, Michigan, the Founder of People 4 People Productions, and a Pioneer of Film Media Literacy Education.

As an NYC High School Video Production Teacher, Rutgers University Film Studies Adjunct Professor, and Video Production Teaching Artist, I've used Film Media Literacy Education to inspire thousands of students to see the world globally and to take ownership of their learning.

I love the world of images and believe in the power of telling ordinary people's stories to bring joy, lift spirits, and see the world we live in, in exciting new ways.

I also love to laugh, make new friends, listen to music, dance, garden, experiment with all things art, and hang out with old folks, babies, and the great outdoors.