Leadership - Human Capital Management, Measurement, and ROI of Engagement.

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Understanding the basic principles involved with managing, measuring, and reporting on all aspects of human capital and employee engagement.
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The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has created the first formal learning and certification program on Human Capital Management, Measurement, Employee Engagement ROI, and Compliance. The course designed for chief financial officers and other finance leaders is being offered exclusively at CFO.University. This new course is focused specifically on the needs of the CFOs and other finance leaders seeking to understand the basic principles involved with managing, measuring, and reporting on all aspects of human capital and employee engagement.

The EEA course addresses the value generated by human capital and the methods used to better manage and measure human capital management initiatives, from culture, coaching, and talent management, to learning, communication, rewards and recognition programs, diversity, innovation, job design, and more. The course covers anticipating the growing pressures from investors, as well coming disclosure requirements, human capital risks factors, ethics management, and opportunities for safe harbor protections through adherence to recognized human capital management and employee engagement practices.

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Learning Objectives

  • What is human capital management, how it relates to talent management, and why does the subject matter to CFOs?
  • The economic and other benefits of a strategic and systematic approach to human capital management.
  • What is employee engagement and why has it failed over the last 20 years?
  • What is a human capital audit and how to conduct one?
  • ISO 30414 human capital reporting and other standards.
  • Concrete Human capital scorecards that will help improve organizational performance.
  • Established methods to measure the return-on-investment of employee engagement tactics, from training, coaching, and communications, to recognition, loyalty, incentives, diversity, and other efforts. 
  • Information on human capital disclosures increasingly desired by investors, customers, and talent, including human capital external and internal reporting standards.
  • The impact of human capital on valuations.

Course participants can earn an optional EEA Certification through a one-hour online interview that enables them to demonstrate to their own organizations or expertise through a confidential process. CFOs committed to positioning themselves as stewards of human capital and measurement can join the EEA as an individual or organization to achieve a basic or advanced certification. 
Kristin Anderson