Professions: Special Education Needs

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Learn how to achieve inclusion in education and to better understand the needs of students with disabilities.

About the Course

NP’s Special Education Needs (SEN) Framework 
Building SEN awareness for the education community through mobile learning app 

To achieve inclusion in education and for educators to better understand the needs of students with disabilities, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) has been providing basic special educational needs awareness training programmes for its staff. To reach out to the greater education community, the polytechnic has adopted a mobile learning platform to curate and distribute the content of the Level One Special Education Needs Awareness Training for self-paced learning amongst the community of educators. The mobile app includes modules such as understanding hearing impairment, ADHD as well as strategies to support students with such conditions. The content is delivered in short spurts that are flexible and learner-centric, allowing staff to learn on the go. Through this micro-learning platform, NP hopes to engage the greater community and foster a strong culture of understanding and awareness. This is an initiative introduced by NP to bolster the effects of the nation's Enabling Masterplan, a roadmap to build a more inclusive society where people with disabilities can be empowered to realise their potential.

Course Objectives
This microlearning course is designed to help you understand what Special Educational Needs (SEN) is,and provides you the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) when working with students with SEN. 

The course is packed with knowledge to enhance your teaching and classroom management skills. You will also get ideas on how to work with students with SEN in different teaching settings and understand the types of barriers they encounter in the classroom. 

You will be able to find out what are the different types of SEN, how you can make adjustments, collaborate with internal stakeholders, and to make your school more conducive and inclusive for students with special needs.

About the curator

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