ABC of Agile

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  • 4 hours
  • 20 sessions
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What is this program about?
"The ABC of Agile" makes clear why agile has become so popular, its benefits and how to apply agile across functions to achieve business agility.

Who is this program designed for? 
  1. Leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who are looking for solutions to tackle the many challenges of the digital age like time to market, innovation and talent acquisition 
  2. Managers looking for efficient ways to run their teams 
  3. Anyone involved in designing, building or delivering products or services 

What will you take away from the "ABC's of Agile" program? 
  1. Understand the reasons why many organizations are adopting Agile 
  2. Know if your business would benefit from adopting Agile 
  3. Understand the foundations of Agile 
  4. What is the secret sauce that makes an Agile initiative succeed 
  5. Digital Certificate you can display on your LinkedIn profile

About the curator

Sylvain Mahe
Enterprise Agile Coach
Sylvain Mahe started his career as a software developer and is leading today the largest team of agile experts in Singapore. He developed this course based on his decade of experience as a trainer, mentor, facilitator and coach with both start-ups and big established companies. He sees himself as a catalyst for change and his ultimate aim is to empower everyone he works with directly - or virtually via Gnowbe - to collaborate more effectively and build habits that ensure change will stick.