The 12 Destructive Conflict Styles

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  • 3 hours
  • 13 sessions
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The 12 Destructive Conflict Styles

When you observe the tiger's claws, what comes to your mind? Tigers use their claws to capture their prey by attacking, devouring and ripping their prey apart. Similarly, we humans have our own claws. At times, we use them when we are dealing with conflict.

What is conflict? Conflict is defined as problems arising out of perceived or real differences in data perception, values, interests, process and relational breakdowns. These differences can intensify from small problems into ugly situations because of conflict mismanagement and unrestrained emotions.
Hence, managing conflict is a great challenge in our Asian culture. Why? Because we dislike discussing it publicly as it may be too disconcerting, disgraceful or dishonorable. When we go through conflicts, especially problematic and intense ones, we feel frustrated, angry and even lost. 
In this program, we will:

  1. Gain an overview of The 12 Conflict Styles;
  2. Identify our own dominant conflict styles; and
  3. Acquire skills to manage conflicts.

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