12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

OR Buy for Teams

Your Essential Guide to the Basics of Digital Marketing

What is this program about?
You will learn the basics of Digital Marketing focusing on:
  • Digital Marketing in Email Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing in Search Engine Marketing (think Google)
  • Digital Marketing in Social Media Marketing (think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) 

Who is this program designed for?
This program is suitable for entrepreneurs and business and organization participants who want to learn the basics and Digital Marketing and how it can potentially impact your business and organization. There are bonus features for participants who are active for causes and ideas in non-profit organizations too.
What will you take away?
At the end of the program, you will:
  • Understand what Digital Marketing is 
  • Appreciate the key players in the Digital Marketing world
  • Comprehend the important Digital Marketing tools that can impact you and your organization

About the curator

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