Sales 101 by Avvanz

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What is this Suite about?
‘Sales 101’ is an end-to-end suite of programs that explores the 9 essential skills in the sales process. From planning to closing, ‘Sales 101’ takes you on a learning journey through real-life sales examples, and demonstrates the necessity of excelling at each of these skills. 

This Sales suite of 33 sessions - packed with practical tips and examples – will showcase the outcomes of excelling in these skills, and how to avoid pitfalls in the sales process. Bringing ‘Sales 101’ to life, a fictional Gnowbe companion, James, will join you as embark on this learning journey. 

Who is this Suite designed for?
  • Sales professionals who want to improve their sales skill needed for their jobs.
  • For junior sales personnel, build strong foundational skills for your sales career to flourish.
  • For senior sales professional, revisit and update fundamental skills. Avvanz Sales 101 Suite is designed to enhance and broaden your sales skillset.

What will you take away?
  • Learn practical tips and examples to excel in your sales!
  • Sessions are built for immediate learning and application.
  • Earn a digital certificate you can display on LinkedIn.

About the curator

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