7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness

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  • 2 hours
  • 8 sessions
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Achieve your goals in the most efficient ways possible.

Each day, we expend energy and resources achieving our goals, but there are different ways of achieving the same goal. Some may do it in a sloppy or time-consuming way, while you may achieve your goals efficiently with skilled execution.

I came from a large, struggling family with 13 brothers and sisters. When I was in primary school, my father could not always afford to pay the rent for out attap hut, and we were forced to relocate. This resulted in me having to switch schools four times in six years. as In spite of these circumstances, I remained optimistic and eventually managed to ace the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and gained admission into Raffles Institution - the top Secondary school in Singapore. Through the seasons of my life, I came to distill the tenets of personal effectiveness and developed these seven key attributes, which I share with you here.

This course outlines clear ways in which you can increase your personal effectiveness, develop habits and strategies to enhance personal and professional lives for peak performance. Embark on a journey with me to make small changes and reap big results!

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
1. identify 3 actionable steps to reject mediocrity 
2. understand the concept of 5 Love Languages 
3. identify 3 things you can do and think like a wise person  
4. identify 4 winning attitudes  
5. define 3 simple principles for taking action

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