Introduction to Film-Making Mobile

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  • 3 hours
  • 18 sessions
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Welcome To 'Introduction To Filmmaking On Mobile'.

We're riding on a super highway today called the Internet, and the engine moving social communication is Video. It's changed the way we live our lives, organize our communities, build our institutions, our organizations and our culture. Video and our mobile devices have democratized Media and now everyone and anyone can be a Media Maker.

The objective of this program is to bring you into the wonderful 'World of Moving Images' in order to learn how to use images to tell powerful stories that communicate effectively and powerfully. I believe that everyone's story matters and that the perfect time to learn to tell stories using images has never been greater and never more needed than now.

This program consisting of 17 sessions ranging from 'Basic Photography' to 'Stop Motion Animation' has been developed for learners new to the world of Film and Video. My organic approach to teaching and learning allows limited English-speaking learners, youth, young children, and adults the ability to easily master the creative exercises and activities I include.

To further assist you when you want a deeper dive into any of the topics we'll cover, I've included 37 educational articles on photography, instructions for obtaining free cloud storage for your photos, an app that turns your phone into a powerful video camera that edits, journaling exercises, and a list of location scouting apps to help you find great places to photograph.

To maximize your learning experience, you can view and interact with other learners on our journey. By messaging them to chat, comment and/or like the work they post, we can learn together and make our learning more fun. You can also post your work to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also share your Certificate of Completion on LinkedIn and download your workbook to keep forever.

About the curator

Jennifer Saunders
I'm a native of Detroit, Michigan, the Founder of People 4 People Productions and Pioneer of Film Media Literacy Education.

As a NYC High School Video Production Teacher, Rutgers University Film Studies Adjunct Professor, and Video Production Teaching Artist, I've used Film Media Literacy Education to inspire thousands of students to see the world globally and to take ownership of their learning.

I love the world of moving images and believe in the power of telling ordinary people's stories to bring joy, lift spirits, and the world we live in, in exciting new ways.

I also love to laugh, make new friends, listen to music, dance, garden, experiment with all things art, hang out with old folks, babies and the great outdoors.