Unleashing the Greatness in You

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  • 3 hours
  • 12 sessions
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The Power of Self-Leadership

No matter your background or experiences in life, YOU CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS. That is the main thrust of this series on Unleashing the Greatness in You.
This series is about YOU and how you can unleash your greatness. It is not about doing, but BEING. In the courses that follow, we will explore:
  1. What greatness is;
  2. Your motivation for greatness;
  3. The ingredients of greatness and how to unlock greatness in you;
  4. How greatness can escape you;
  5. How to begin the journey to greatness;
  6. How to sustain your greatness; and
  7. How to recover from failure.
What motivates you and how much do you want to unleash the greatness in you? Time to find out!

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